Felicity Sisters’ House

The Felicity Foundation opened a public space at the Lighthouse (408 E. Jefferson, check it out) this year, which marks the second year of the brothers’ house being a space for boys to congregate. After talking to a few girls about sisterhood on campus, now’s a good time to debut the idea of a……
The space would be similar to the boys in its lease-style setup and Felicity sponsorship, number of tenants (6-10), and rent ($400ish/month if doubling up, around $700 if you’d like to room solo) but unique in its purpose as *the* spot solely for ladies to hold programs, simply unwind and talk, or watch early 2000s chick flicks with jars of Nutella in hand.
Having a dedicated space presents an enormous amount of potential for Muslim sisterhood on this campus for years to come. In addition, we have an excellent resource in Sr. Leenah as a female chaplain.
The Ann Arbor housing market doesn’t really get heated until next month, but it’s best to be ahead of the game, especially for optimal rent and location. Please send an email to rbasha@umich.edu ASAP  if you’re interested in joining in on the venture, more information, or if you just want to talk more about what the experience could look like next year. You absolutely don’t have to be a card-carrying member of the MSA or Felicity to join or even in undergrad, as we’d love to meet you anyways!